Entry: the roof Nov 13, 2003

me, nick, david and trent hung out all the time last year. we have since named our clique JATO - jennings area terrorist organization. trent lived in beaty. oh well.

one night the four of us were sitting out front of jennings with no agenda. i'm pretty sure we were high. we usually were.

we had recently climbed onto the roof of jennings for the first time. we decided to put furniture up there.

we went downstairs to the jennings lobby and got a wooden table. we put it on the roof. then we got four chairs. we put them on the roof.

we felt really accomplished when we sat down up there. nick brought a chess board. we played. i don't remember who won. the four of us smoked a bowl up there. it was fun.

less than a week later the furniture was gone.

that was that.


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