Entry: ap environmental science Nov 14, 2003

i took ap environmental science in 12th grade. the class was a joke. everybody in it got an a. the teacher's name was mr. lopatka. he was a joke.

you could obtain 5 points of extra credit for every dollar you donated to the science club. he was the president of the science club. what the fuck.

anyway. you could also get extra credit by bringing certain items to class he requested. items like waterless hand sanitizer or packs of notebook paper or dry-erase markers.

on one of the extra credit turn-in dates, he called the class to his desk in alphabetical order. when he was done looking over what they had, he would give them the appropriate amount of extra credit and tell them to put their items in the back.

i sat in the back. by the time he got to w for warren, i had collected over 100 points of extra credit to present to him from the ever-growing stack piling up next to my desk. i came to class with nothing.

that worked out well.


November 14, 2003   04:14 PM PST
Okay, so basically this teacher says that if you pay him, you get a good grade. Oh yeah, good job setting a good example for your students. Duh.

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